Sample Engagements

Below find some descriptions of recent work we have done for businesses of all sizes. Confidentiality is key in our business but we are happy to provide references.


Our people have worked with billion dollar marketing budgets, sold multi-million dollar campaigns while also investing minimal amounts of money in experimental campaigns on shoestring budgets. All of that helps us align with you and your goals.

Results oriented

At Rayvid we make sure our clients have what they need to deliver results in the short and long term

Digital Media Expertise

The digital media landscape is ever changing for buyers and sellers alike

Digital Media Growth Strategy

We assisted a high traffic family of Web sites develop a growth strategy for a media business. This included reviewing current offerings, analyzing competitors, making specific product recommendations, sizing market opportunities, quantifying potential verticals and suggesting potential advertising and technology partners.

A second phase of our work included a prioritized work plan based on opportunity and investment, testing market fit, cementing some early customer relationships and developing a specific phased operating plan.

New Business Analysis and Market Fit

A very large travel company engaged us to evaluate a new business opportunity. We interviewed existing stakeholders and employees, evaluated core business strengths and weaknesses, and sized different market approaches. These activities launched the development of several different proposals that were tested qualitatively and quantitatively to collect data on market fit and opportunity. We concluded our project with some specific recommendations calibrated with different levels of risk and investment appetite.

Funding for an Early Stage Business

We worked with an early stage Web based consumer goods company to develop a strategic approach to their funding needs. This included identifying valuation benchmarks, developing an investor story, creating a list of potential strategic and aligned investors.


“Rayvid unlocked tens of millions of dollars in revenue opportunities for us in a matter of weeks but thoroughly critiquing our offering, helping us understand our competition and the marketplace. We could not have done it without their help”

Company CEO
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